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Taxi from Faversham and Gravesend  to Gatwick – Compare Fares and Book our Licensed Cabs

If you are looking to get a car around these  2 cities Jewel Cars can help. Whether or not you are looking to get to or from the centre of Faversham and Gravsend or just to the Gatwick airport, a taxi can often turn out to be quicker, faster and cheaper than walking or even train. No longer will you have to hunt around for the best quote using the local telephone directory or even rely upon the taxi cards that are littering your entrance since we can help you get about town. Instead of freezing in the cold waiting on yet one more public transport delay, let us get you there in a warm car on a timetable that suits you.

Our Fleet:

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We Provide Cheapest Services All Over the UK!

Jewel Cars is known to provide all-inclusive taxi services in the entire region. So, whether you want to travel from Faversham to Gatwick airport or Gravesend to Gatwick, then you can always opt for our prompt and professional car services.


Know Our Approx Price and Minimum Time Taken for Major Airports

TOWN (Center of the City)Fare (Gatwik Airport)Fare (Heathrow Airport)Min. Time to Reach GatwickMin. Time to Reach Heathrow
Faversham£76.00£100.001 hour 10 min1 hour 30 min
Gravesend£57.00£82.0052 min1 hour 10 min


Distance and Time Taken from Faversham to Gatwick

Taxi Faversham to Gatwick Distance and Time
Taxi Faversham to Gatwick Distance and Time

Our Fleet:


Why Taxi Hiring is more Beneficial than Trains and Buses from Faversham to Gatwick?

Travelling in taxi is one of the best ways to enjoy a ride and reach destination on time. While other mode of transports such as buses and trains take a lot of time, taxi helps you reach your drop point without any issue. Are you worried about missing your flight? Well, with the taxi service by your side there are no such issues.

Reasonable Charges

Train ride to Gatwick is starts at around 20 pounds and bus ride is around 24 pounds. For taxi ride it is around 76 pounds. Even though it is a bit high, you can travel in groups. So, no need of spending extra.

Time Efficient

Taxi rides are fast and saves time. No need of waiting unlike trains and buses. Simply book the taxi and reach Gatwick on time. It usually takes

  • 2 hours in train
  • 2 hours 20 minutes in bus
  • 1 hour 10 minutes in taxi

So, you save almost an hour by traveling in taxi.

Any time Pickup/Drop

Taxi services allow you to take anytime pickup in the wee hours of morning and at midnight. So, you can book a taxi prior to journey and reach the Gatwick airport safely.


Customer Reviews

I have recently booked a taxi service from to reach Gatwick and loved the service. The driver helped me know the place and also made some stops on my way to Gatwick airport. I loved my first experience and would definitely recommend them to all my friends and colleagues. Kudos guys!

David Hall

From on time service, extremely comfortable seats and a highly professional driver has made my trip to this town extremely interesting. I was looking travelling in a group of 4 and the driver ensured we had a smooth and comfortable ride. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the service.


I have availed the taxi service from Faversham to Gatwick airport. It was a great experience. I arranged for pickup from a local night club and the driver did a superb job. I would return soon to avail their service once again. Excellent service, highly recommended.

Robin Smith


Why Taxi Hiring is More Beneficial than Trains and Buses from Gravesend to Gatwick?

There are some people who prefer to take a taxi when travelling from Gravesend to Gatwick. But there are others who prefer to travel by bus or train. Those who travel by taxi know how it is a better mode of transport, however, for those who don’t know, there are some good reasons to choose taxi over public transports.


Traveling in a bus from to Gatwick would cost 16 pounds to 19 pounds whereas, traveling by train would be around 21.70 pounds. Even though taxi costs 57 pounds, you don’t need to pay extra if you have someone else with you or you are in a group.

Time Friendly

Traveling in public transport takes a lot of time as they have several stoppages. It takes

  • 3 hours 24 minutes by bus
  • 1 hour 36 minutes by train
  • 52 minutes by taxi

High Availability

You need to book a taxi and they are right at your doorstep, while you need to wait long for buses and trains. Moreover taxi is available round the clock unlike buses and trains. Also, there are no direct trains from here to Gatwick, while you can reach Gatwick fast when you take a taxi.


Customer Reviews

I had recently availed the taxi service to Gatwick and it was the best decision I had taken. The driver was professional and I reached destination on time. Superb service, nice ride. I would definitely return back to hire them and would recommend them to all. — Elina

I would highly recommend the taxi service to all my friends and colleagues. I had booked the taxi along with few of my colleagues. I liked the service and the professionalism. I was worried if the driver would make a stop to the ATM, but he did. Thanks for the remarkable service. — Derek

The driver picked me up from my hotel and ensured I reach Gatwick on time. I have no complaints at all, I liked the service thoroughly. The driver also helped me pick up some mementos for my dear ones. I would hire the taxi service soon. Kudos for the great service! – Graham

Approximate Distance and Time Taken to Gravesend

Gravesend to Gatwick Distance and Time
Gravesend to Gatwick Distance and Time


Plan Your Travel in Advance with Jewel Cars and Enjoy a Lavish Ride 

Booking with Jewel Cars could not be simpler. Just enter your pick-up point, drop-off point, timings and any baggage you are taking and we will provide you with a list of the best quotes which you can book right away in seconds.