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Why book a taxi while travelling from Godstone and Dorking to Heathrow

If you are looking to get a taxi cab around Dorking, Jewel Cars can help. Whether or not you are looking to get to or from the centre of the town or just to the airport, a cab can often turn out to be quicker, faster and cheaper than walking or even train. No longer will you have to search around for the best quote using the local telephone directory or even rely upon the cab cards that are littering your doorway since Jewel Cars can help you get about town. Instead of freezing in the cold waiting on yet another public transport delay, let us get you there in a warm car on a timetable that suits you.

Approx Time and Fare for 2 major airport

TOWN( Center of the city)Fare( Gatwik    Airport)Fare( Heathrow Airport)Min. time to Reach GatwickMin. time to Reach Heathrow
Dorking£35.00£55.00 30 min 45 min


Dorking to heathrow airport approximate time, distance
heathrow airport approximate time, distance

Dorking’s beauty will keep you mesmerized…

This is a market town in Surrey, England between Ranmore Common in the North Downs range of hills and Leith Hill in the Greensand Ridge, centered 21 miles from London. The town is in the west of the area between hill ranges in southern England known as Holmesdale which has headwaters of several rivers. The town’s geography is undulating; for example, the elevation of the southern point of the central one-way system is 76 metres and on its northern side the elevation is 59 – 60 metres. The Mole’s nearest point to the town lies at 45 metres. The town experiences an oceanic climate similar to almost all of the United Kingdom. There are several places of interest and if you really want to explore the scenic beauty of the city hire a taxi from Jewel Cars and enjoy the most lavish travelling experience. We ensure that your city ride becomes an unforgettable one.

Places of Interests:

  • Dorking Halls
  • The Deepdene Trail
  • The Public Library
  • Denbies Wine Estate

You can also take a tour to Ashtead Common, Glover’s Wood, Bookham Commons, Leith Hill and Norbury Park. Just book our car and enjoy travel across the Druids Grove, a forest of ancient yew trees.

We make sure that your stay at this place becomes a happy one and get back to Heathrow the next day without any hassle. You just have to pay £55 and enjoy a safe 45 minutes ride in our modern and impeccable cars. You can stay in one of the finest hotels in the city and go back to Heathrow after enjoying the city tour.

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Taxi from Godstone to Heathrow – Customize your tour with Jewel Cars

We arrange customized transfer from Godstone to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) from and to any place you need, including hotels, offices, homes or any other landmark. Transfer from  RH9 is operated only for you and your travel companions, without midway stops, as our shuttle from  RH9 is private and not shared with other passengers. Our price is flat and includes all, so there is no risk to pay additional fees if the trip will need added time than usual. So, save time, avoid problems and book your car in advance.

 Approximate Fare and Time Taken to Major Airpots

TOWN (centre of the town)FARE to Gatwick                  AirportFARE o Heathrow             AirportMinimum Time taken   to reach GatwickMinimum Time                  taken to reach Heathrow
Godstone  £28.00£62.0025 min 50 min

                                 Heathrow – Approx Distance,Time

Godstone to Heathrow Airport - Approx distance and time
Heathrow Airport – Approx distance and time


How can I recognize my driver?

Your driver will wait for you displaying a board with the name supplied on your booking form. Together with a reservation proof or anytime upon request, we send detailed meeting point information and local office’s 24/7 phone number that can be called in case you fail to locate your driver.

Do you provide service to any address or just to a fixed place in city center?

We provide door-to-door transfers from/to any address you specify on your booking application, accordingly to local laws & rules.

May I pay my trip in advance or pay for someone else?

Our chosen method of payment is by cash to driver, anyway, for most cities that we serve, advanced payment via Visa or MasterCard is also available upon request. This means that you may pay the trip in advance on behalf of someone else.

Why I have to enter my credit card in the booking application, if payment will be by cash to driver?

Like many other companies offering services that can be booked in advance, we need a credit card as a promise in order to hold your reservation but, unless advised otherwise and accordingly to Transport Contract, it will not be used to pay your driver if payment will be by cash on the day of the journey.

Do you offer shared transfers in order to save money?

We offer only door-to-door transfers and if you would like to travel in a larger group in order to make the price per passenger lower, it will be your care to find your travel companions.

Do you offer transfers for single travellers?

Single travellers are very welcome, as our fleet is composed by a wide variety of vehicles starting from sedan cars to large buses with many mid-size solutions.

How can I contact my driver if I need some urgent change shortly before pickup time?

A couple of days before transfer, or anytime upon request, we send local manager’s 24/7 phone number, that must be called for any question or urgency happening within 48 hours from planned pickup time.

Popular tourist spots would include:

  1. South Godstone – It is formerly known as Lagham and centred on the old medieval moated manor house of Lagham. You can visit St. Stephens Church, The Lagham restaurant serving Indian and Nepalese food, The Fox & Hounds on Tilburstow Hill when you are out there.
  2. Blindley Heath – It is the southernmost portion of the parish, a hamlet separated by fields from the village of Godstone. The Blindley Heath Site of Special Scientific Interest is the best known example of relict damp grassland on Weald Clay in Surrey and has several ponds and a stretch of the Ray Brook.
  3. The Enterdent – This is a small land, tucked away in between Tilburstow Hill Road and Eastbourne Road.

Just pay £68 and get a chance to visit all these places along with local market and enjoy your tour with Jewel Cars.