Hiring a taxi to enjoy Hassel free travel at Tonbridge and Horley

Tonbridge– Tonbridge is a famous market town in the English County of Kent. It is located upon river Medway which is approximately 4 miles (that is about 6KM) North of Royal Tunbridge Wells. During the medieval ages this particular town was being considered as one of the important settlements.

The ruler intended that it would be a walled town and a charter was being issued allowing for walls to build along with market to be held. More importantly court sessions were also being held. The famous Tonbridge School was being established in 1552 under the supervision of Edward VI. The purpose of the school was to educate the sons of local gentry and farmers.

Horley– It is one of the towns in Surrey right at the confluence of Surrey and West Sussex in England. It is located South at the twin towns of Reigate and Redhill. At the same time it would be wise to note it is well connected with transportation system. The Gatwick airport is nearby to this particular place.

Like all other major and minor locations in England this particular town to has a history of its own. In the yester years Weald was a thickly forested and marshy land. During the Saxon age the manor of Horley came under the direct control of Benedictine Abbey of St Peter at Chertsey. The manor was passed on to Henry VIII on the dissolution of the monasteries in the year of 1939. It changed hands several times during the next six decades.

The easiest way to travel in the areas of Tonbridge and Horley– If you are happy with the history of this particular town it is time that you book a cab which would be all responsible to carry to these cities. There are numerous locations and attractions which would surely make you happy.

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The cab will take you to the below mentioned location in Tonbridge:

  • Haysden Country Park
  • All Saints Church
  • Tonbridge Castle
  • Hadlow tower


After visiting these places hire a taxi from tonbridge to Gatwick airport.

The cab will take you to the below mentioned location in Horley:

  • British wildlife Center
  • National Trust Harewwods
  • Farm Maze Fun parks
  • Edolphs Corpse

tourist-attractions in horley

After visiting these beautiful places you can hire the taxi from horley to heathrow

Things to do before visiting these places– All you need to do is book a taxi well in advance. This particular cab will pick you right at Heathrow or Gatwick airport. It is quite evident that you might not know the roads to the destination if you are a first time visitor.

Do not really worry, the cab drivers are quiet professional and are very much aware with the roads. They are quite affable with the passengers and would help them out in knowing the history and the background of the locations you would be visiting.

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After you are done with the travelling activities all you can do is asking the driver for the nearest shopping malls and the restaurants. He will educate you with the entire details. Finally he would deport you to the respective hotel where you would halt or will directly ferry past Gatwick or Heathrow airport from where you would board your respective flight.